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Dr. Subhra Dhar

Dr. Subhra Dhar

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MD (Pathology) (1996), S.C.B Medical College, Cuttack
M.B.B.S.(1991), S.C.B Medical College, Cuttack

Dr. Dhar is a renowned pathologist of National & International repute with great expertise in reporting all skin, mucosa, soft tissue, hair & nail along with direct & indirect immunoflourescence studies. She has been regularly participating as guest speaker/faculty in various National and International workshops and conferences on Dermatopathology.

She has also served as Senior Consultant Pathologist and GM of Kolkata Reference Lab, SRL Ltd., for 17 years where she was a member of the elite group CoE- SME (committee of experts- Subject matter Expert) in Histopathology.

Dr. Dhar is leading WIZDERMPATHLAB as a Chief of Lab and Consultant Histopathologist.

Why Wizderm Pathology?

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Expertise does not just come from skill, it is more of a craft that is born out of great practice and experience. There is no shortcut to actual hardwork.
Dr. Subhra Dhar's expertise lies in very many spaces but chief among them is in reporting of Histopathology, Cytology, Immunohistochemistry and Immunoflouroscence cases.
She has also reviewed complicated cases of surgical pathology, especially in epidermal, dermal and soft tissue tumours, oral, nasal and nasopharyngeal mucosal pathology, eye pathology, chronic infective granulomas.

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Dr. Dhar is particularly strong in Dermatopathology which includes skin, mucosa, nail & hair, soft tissue tumours, adnexal neoplasm, melanomas, resection surgeries of mandibular & maxillary lesions and also oral pathology, ocular pathology, pathology of head and neck.
The Doctor has achieved great heights in the field of dermatopathology where she has reviewed complicated cases with special expertise in inflammatory and neoplastic dermatopathology.
Practice makes one perfect and thus Dr. Dhar has developed a keen eye for deep fungal infections, cutaneous tuberculosis, Hansen's disease and cutaneous leishmaniasis.

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Turn Around Time (TAT)

With exceptional TAT in histopath reporting, with diagnosis in only 2-3 days for routine histopath case, Dr. Subhra Dhar is one of the best in her field.


  1. Skin biopsy for histopathological examination with Routine and special stains like:
    • H & E
    • PAS stain
    • Fite Faraco
    • Von Kossa stain
    • Masson Trichome stain
    • Orcein stain
    • Giemsa stain
    • Modified ZN stain
    • Gomori-methanamine silver stain
  2. Skin biopsy for DIF studies, for diagnosis of vesiculo-bullous disorders, collagen vascular disease and vasculitis:
    • Immunostaining for IgG, IgM, IgA, C3, Fibrin
  3. Indirect Immunofluorescence studies:
    • Salt split skin for subepidermal blistering diseases
    • Ab for Dsg 1 & Dsg 3 in Pemphigus
  4. Antigen mapping in epidermolysis bullosa
  5. IHC studies for cutaneous lymphomas & melanomas
  6. Dermatocytology: Tzanck smear
    • For viral blisters
    • Slit skin smear for Leprosy & Leishmaniasis
  7. Biopsy interpretation of Alopecias
  8. Nail biopsy interpretation



  1. Mucosal biopsy of oral mucosa, nasal mucosa, conjunctiva, nasopharynx, larynx, esophagus.
  2. Diagnosis by routine and special stains of all inflammatory mucosal lesions, premalignant and malignat lesions/tumours. Diagnosis of Mucosal lymphomas with IHCs
  3. Expertise in diagnosing all mucosal leukoplakia with histological classification
  4. Expertise in diagnosing vesiculo-bullous disorders of oro-pharyngeal mucosa
  5. Oral mucosal cancers (including tongue) with TNM staging
  6. Mandible and maxillary resections for cancer reported with TNM staging
  7. Odontogenic tumours
  8. Nasopharyngeal tumours
  9. Laryngeal growths/Neoplasms


  1. Conjunctival lesions, benign lesions/tumours, premalignant lesions and malignant tumours.
  2. Eyelid: benign and malignant tumours, with expertise in adnexal tumours
  3. Naso-lacrimal duct pathology
  4. Panophthalmitis


  1. All pigmentary lesions and tumours, like lentigenes, benign nevus, common blue nevus, cellular blue nevus, dysplastic nevus, spitz nevus, congenital nevus etc.
  2. Malignant melanoma diagnosis complete with TNM staging, and IHCs
  3. All adnexal tumours (both benign and malignant)
  4. All cysts (including epithelial, dermoid, eccrine/apocrine gland derived)
  5. Pseodocysts/ulcers/discharging sinuses: with special stain to diagnose deep fungal/subcutaneous fungal infection/mycobacterial infections/ hydatid cyst/other parasitic cysts etc.
  6. Soft tissue neoplasms complete with IHCs
  7. Head & Neck tumours
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